Most memorable day of the season
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April 13, 2005
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SCWVA Wrote:
"I feel very blessed to have been able ski at all this year, as I almost died in a mountain bike accident last September. I spent two weeks bed/lazboy ridden and spent many months rehabbing my leg. I really didn't get my ski legs until March. My most memorable day this season was my first day on the slopes with my wife and two of my four kids. This includes a number of knee deep plus powder days. The snow conditions didn't really matter to me, I was just glad to be on the slopes with my wife and kids."

You got me thinking about this, was it my first day of the season at the shoe w/my best bud, maybe the trip to Utah where I made some new friends at The Canyons.....first trip ever to Laurel Mountain (with freshies, btw).......meeting DCSkiers at Snowy Luau, no it has to be skiing freshies on closing day at TLine .

March 26 at 7springs, took two friends who'd only been on skis three times, one 49 year old the other 11 (his son). Skied a couple greens and watched the little guy in the woods, hitting little jumps, skis parallel always facing down the hill, a real turner. We stopped at the top of wagner slope and I asked him if he could ski it, he went first and made six nice turns and stopped TO WAIT FOR ME . I'll never forget that day.

April 13, 2005
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This was my first year actually getting out and skiing actual ski resorts. I went maybe 10 or 15 times this year. Plan to go lots more next year, Im hooked already. But my most memorable time this year was at T-line. Around March 23rd or so whatever day that sunday fell on. I took a buddy of mine (hard core snowboarder) with me and his board bindings broke the first run down the mountain. So he decided to try skiing...If you have never seen a snowboarder try skiing for the first time, your missing out on the funniest thing you will ever ski. He tried to do all the boarding moves on ski's and of course none of them worked. But he eventually got the hang of it and i talked him in to trying OTW a few times and we eventually starting skiing off trail in fresh powder. It was the last but BEST trip of the season for me.
April 13, 2005
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Probably my day at The Canyons in January. It had snowed about 20 inches two days before. Skied all the way to the left of the resort and a run down the one lift that serves experts only and still found lots of nice soft, snow. Also had a great, fun wreck that involved a cartwheel and some mogul grooming (with me as the groomer). Alta would've been number one but I twisted my knee in the morning and could only ski until about 2pm.
April 13, 2005
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yeah lol I know what ya mean .... lots of good days this year ... sad it is comming to an end out here but hey Snowbird will be open all through May possibly more so .... ;-)
April 13, 2005
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Either the last day of a 2 1/2 day trip with two of my kids to Wyndham (everything half off with the Whitetail advantage card). We eached picked our favorite run and skied together to end the trip -or- powder runs at Loveland with a college buddy at 13000 feet "priceless"

You pick!!! PS got good advice from several people on both trips from DC Ski. Thanks.
Denis - DCSki Supporter 
April 13, 2005
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Taos, 2 weeks ago with my son. Fantastic powder, fantastic company. The only thing it lacked to be perfect was my daughter. She would have loved it.

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