frickin' awesome epic day II - NH Spring
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JimK - DCSki Columnist
April 1, 2005
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I can't quite match crush's post, but I'm in North Conway NH right now and yesterday I had a great half day of spring skiing at Wildcat. 50 degs, tons of sun and snowbase, great trail layout. Mt Washington lookin' real pretty just across the valley and Tuck's was still full of snow. Had two teenage boys with me. They skied my legs off. We rode Wildcat's express quad all day from noon to four. Logged 3-4 top to bottom runs an hour, that's like 25k vert in a half day in soft spring snow. hot tub felt good last night. last time I was here they didn't have any express chairs, what a difference mileage-wise.
Headin' there again today for $8 birthday lift tics (express chair is 8 yrs old). Cloudy today, going up to close to 50 again. not as photogenic, but want to get there early for some morning groomers and see if those teens can hang with me a second day.
Have a good day ya'll.
No foolin' on April Fools Day.
Denis - DCSki Supporter 
April 1, 2005
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Sounds great. Wish I'd been there. I've been watching Mt. Wash. carefully.
I ski there every spring and this year's day is tentatively planned for Wed. the 6th. Weather looks dicey but if it turns out halfway decent I'll be there. Probably I'll do the Gulf of Slides rather than Tucks. It's bigger, a bit less steep than Tucks (40 deg. rather than 45) and a lot less trafficked.

From the lifts at Wildcat, GoS is the next glacial cirque to the left (south) of Tucks. My wife and I will be taking care of our grandsons in Burlington next week. The boys have school & daycare and my wife says it's OK with her to ski during the day. I do wish the weather did not look so rainy for the next week.

Mt. wash. has had 2 months of above average snowfall after 14 consecutive months of below ave. precip. and is looking very good right now. However I have learned that the quality of a spring season there is almost independent of what happens before Apr. 1. If there is a precipitous warm up or heavy rain after Apr. 1 the season is poor, and this has been the case for the past 4-5 yrs.
JimK - DCSki Columnist
April 1, 2005
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Had another great day at Wildcat today. Mostly cloudy, but some sun lower down. Only a couple quick peeks at Mt. Washington summit. But temps stayed in 40s and snow was a little better/faster than yesterday. Pretty good crowd today due to special $8 lift tics, but never a wait on express chair.
Like VA, they are expecting heavy rain tomorrow in most of New England, 2" maybe. May adversely effect our last day of skiing which was planned for Wachusett Mtn, Sunday we head back to DC.
Pinkham Notch parking lot was pretty busy today and Thursday with people heading up towards Tuckerman's Ravine. Denis, believe I know which cirque you are referring to as GoS. Most of the sheltered mountainsides in Mt Wash area still had about 3 feet of natural snowpack. Took Kangamagus Hwy to return to MA this evening. Real pretty and quiet at this time of year. Got a good look at Loon Mtn ski area, which I have never skied.
Wildcat was about 90% open for our visit. Only a few steep rocky trails were closed due to thin cover. Loon looked mostly open too. But some of the other NH areas will probably call it quits after this weekend, despite lots of snowpack. Sounds familiar.
April 2, 2005
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Dude! a frickin' awesome day is a frickin' awesome day! All you have to have is that feeling at the end of it ... tired, glowing, constantly reviewing those 6 magic turns that you did and nobody saw and you say to yourself "yeah this is why I do snowsports" ... and of course you wonder about the *next* time you'll do that ... and you know there will be another frickin' awesome day before you die and you'll do it all over again ....

sweet turns, baby!
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