WV/Hardy Co. delegate under fire for money abuse
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March 28, 2005
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Since it's now officially the post ski season or with things winding down, I wanted to post this on here since most of you all travel through Hardy County (Wardensville, Moorefield) to get to several of the ski resorts.

Our delegate to the WV senate which hs major purse string ties to Robert C Byrd is now coming under heavy fire for major financial abuse as reported by the WV Gazette. Lets just say that there is alot more to come out to the light about Mr. Michael who abruptly left the Insurance business located in Wardensville and Moorefield a few months back.

Sunday's Article : http://www.sundaygazettemail.com/section/News/2005032613
Monday's Article : http://www.wvgazette.com/section/News/200503281

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