Dolly Sods Camera is back.
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March 23, 2005
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The Dolly Sods Forrestry service camera is back and aligned once again:

This is an email reply I got back from the forrestry service that I had sent last December:


Thank you for your interest in the Dolly Sods Visibility camera.

The camera system at Dolly Sods was replaced in December. At that time the alignment was re-established in a slightly Off position. To realign the camera requires two people to visit this remote site and climb a 60'
tower. This procedure was delayed due to clear weather viewing and
safety conditions climbing the tower. However, the site was realigned
this week.

Hope you enjoy the remainder of the ski season. Looks like good snow.

Kristi Savig
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johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
March 23, 2005
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I heard that they were getting too many hits from skiers so they realigned the camera so the ski slopes would no longer be visible. Is that true?
March 23, 2005
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I dunno, I just checked the cam and it says that the current image is not available. Nice they got it fixed in time for us to watch the season come to an end.
April 1, 2005
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It is back up and moved slightly to the left. Before you could clearly see Canaan's ski area but couldn't see TLine. Now Tline is clearly visable!!
April 1, 2005
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Rickh - Actually a year ago the camera was aimed directly at Canaan and TLine in that you could fully see TLine. The forrestry service installed a new cam in Nov/Dec and it wasn't aligned up properly and they couldn't recorrect it back to the left until spring hit. Regardless thats my favorite camera

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