Blue Knob Conditions?
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March 21, 2005
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Has anybody been to Blue Knob recently?

We have a trip planned for this easter weekend, 3/25, and we are just a little concerned about the rain and warm weather predicted for the next several days.

Any info will be appreciate it.

March 22, 2005
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Just got back about 10 minutes ago. It was hard in the morning with bare spots on some of the blues. The snow got real soft in the afternoon, and the bumps on extrovert were nice. The bowl had some bare spots and they only had one lift running (Route 66). The traffic was VERY light, maybe 15 people all day, so it should not get skied out by the weekend. They are expecting rain, but this weekend will be it's last. All in all typical spring conditions. 7 Springs is in better shape.
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March 23, 2005
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According to the most recent forecast for South-Central PA, it's possible that Blue Knob could receive as much as 1 inch of rain between now and Saturday morning. If this forecast proves to be correct, the conditions at BK are likely to be limited on their final weekend for the 2004-2005 season. On the other hand, should BK receive far less rain than expected, the ski conditions would be fair to good this weekend. And, as far as 7-Springs goes, I skied there today and the conditions were quite good with very few thin spots. However, 7-Springs might receive more rain and/or wet snow than BK, so I would say that the conditions at 7-Springs are likely to be the same as BK this weekend or perhaps slightly better. The thing that I like about 7-Springs (when the conditions are limited) is the fact that there is a lush layer of grass underneath the snow, so if you hit a thin spot you're unlikely to do any significant damage to your equipment (usually no damage). On the other hand, if the conditions are limited at Blue Knob, you better have your rock skis or rock board handy.
March 24, 2005
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Thank you for the updates.

Well, according to the BK site, they received 3" of new snow. Hopefully the snow will hold up for this weekend...
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