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March 19, 2005
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I did my part to support local spring skiing at Whitetail today under sunny skies and very warm temps. I REALLY wanted to try out my new telemark setup before the summer sets in, and probably even would've skied some in the rain if I had to today. Until now, I've tele skied resorts on my lightweight, fish-scaled, metal-edged backountry skis. Man, what a difference the new K2s and a heavier binding make, especially in the heavyish, wet, soft snow today.

I met another freeheeler (Ron) walking up to the ticket window (what luck!) and we shared my 2-for-1 coupon. There were at least 3 other telemark skiers out there that I saw today.

No lift-lines of course, so it was just laps and laps under the high speed quad, which made my quads hurt after only 30 minutes. Oh well, I just ignored that and it mostly went away.

Had my best day of resort telemarking, and topped off the day with a short mountain bike ride on the single-speed at Gambrill on the way home. A total funhog day. Sure wish there more days around here where we could ski and mountain bike in the same day.

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