TR: Tahoe 3/5-3/8
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March 14, 2005
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Finally got all the pics sorted from my first ever west of West Virginia ski trip. Had 300+ pics from three different cameras to sort and organize. I posted the better shots to my picture pages at

There's a short recap of each day in the Gallery Comments.

Day One was skinning ~3200' of vert to the summit of Mt Tallac....BIG!

Day two was Jake's Peak, another big day of skin and grin. Steep technical climb and incredible snow in the trees.

Day Three we hit the lifts at Alpine Meadows, and as Dave said over apres' beer..."We grabbed that mountain by the balls!"

Day Four was the mellow day, skinned up Mt Rose Knob and carved sweet buttery corn the whole way back to the car.

Then Saturday we hit WhiteGrass and found the mtn covered in superlight boot top pow. Yesterday went to Rountop and had a day of just plain stupid fun, spring is here!!!!

Feels like this was it for my ski season, always like to end things on a high note.
March 14, 2005
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Awesome pictures!
JimK - DCSki Columnist
March 14, 2005
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Very nice pics Tom. Thanks for sharing. East Coast freeheelers invade Tahoe - got to love that. Enjoyed your pics of Alpine Meadows. Never been there but was down around Kirkwood same time as your trip. Like Alpine M. it has something like 2000+ acres of lift served terrain, both areas really huge, even if not household names to us.
I could also relate to that photo of you guys resting beside rocks at Mt. Rose with The Lake behind you. I had a picnic like that on top of Heavenly on 3/8. Thank God for sunblock. Those warm temps must have made slogging the backcountry a challenge?? I was down to a sleeveless sweater and no gloves by Tuesday, and that was doing downhill cruisers all day.
PS: you need to posterize that one of Rob going off the ledge on Mt. Tallac with Lake in background.

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