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The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
March 11, 2005
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Just in!!! Snowshoe just announced thaqt it would remain open until 10 April!!! More to come. Assuming conditions are reasonable, we skiers have to support this or it probably will not happen again!!
The Colonel
March 11, 2005
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They should open an IRS remote facility at Snowshoe. That way, you could file your return and go skiing on the same day.
March 12, 2005
Member since 11/9/2001 🔗
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They should also bring in a temp office for one of the preparing services that gives you 90% or whatever it is of your estimated refund the day you file with them....that money could be used for buying stuff at the resort.
Roger Z
March 12, 2005
Member since 01/16/2004 🔗
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Refunds? What's that? F*$!#(% IRS...

Hmmmm... open 'til Apr 10th eh? Maybe an April Fool's trip up there might not be such a bad thing. Thanks for the tip Colonel!

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