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March 7, 2005
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I had never been to Wisp before and headed up there early on Saturday morning with some other Ski Chalet employees for the employee demo day which was being held on Sunday. I'll admit going in that my expectations were less than low because of past demo day stories from others.

We showed up a little after 10 AM on Saturday, had no trouble parking, got our tickets, booted up and hit the hill. Damn was I surprised! The conditions were absolutely sweet. It was not cold at all and was partly cloudy with low winds. The snow was soft and in great shape. We skied solid for six hours taking only a small break around 1:30. Crowds weren't too bad either. We fully covered the entire mountain led by a WVU Wisp frequenter and hit just about every trail on the map and a few places not on the map.

Sunday things got started a little later than expected. Big party at the Boardwalk Bar the night before ran strong and late but it appeared that most of the Ski Chalet crew survived and was up and at it for the day. At least 70 of us could be seen rolling around the hill throughout the day on some pretty ridiculous gear that you all will be seeing for next season. The conditions on Sunday were not bad either. It was completely sunny but there was some pretty stiff gusts of wind blowing us around. At times the wind helped propel you trough some traversing up at the top and also provided some serious brain freezing while riding the Boulder Ridge lift. For some reason the crowds were WAY smaller than on Saturday. Still, all the runs were nicely groomed and after lunch everything was feeling nice and soft under foot.

It sounds like no matter where you were this weekend in the Mid-Atlantic, conditions rocked. I had low expectations going in but those were seriously exceeded. Many said it was the best conditions they've skied on there in well over five years. I'll post some ski reviews later on when I have more time. Let me just say right now that the Volkl AC4 is way up at the top of my list.....
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