Laurel Mountain To Be Opened Next Year
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March 6, 2005
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Looks like Seven Springs is going to open Laurel Mountain again next year... the website has '05-06 season pass info posted already.
March 31, 2005
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Some rumours I've heard w.r.t. Laurel Mountain opening next year:

1) 7 Springs lost close to $100k this year, mainly due to all of the snowmaking that had to be done. Given the late start (taking over in early Nov), lack of advertising and lack of snow, this shouldn't be so surprising. However, if 7 Springs can't make money or at least break even, who can ?
2) 7 Springs has already decided to reopen and upgrade the facility for 05-06. This includes more snowmaking, a larger tubing park (actually moving it to the left of the lodge as your looking downhill), etc. They are looking to encourage more families to make a day trek there to lessen the heavily congested weekend lifts @ 7 Springs.
3) 7 Springs has decided that the operation is not viable with themselves, Hidden Valley and LM all within 15 mile diameter and a declining Western PA population/economic base (hopefully, this isn't true).

Supposedly, 7 Springs management will address next year's reopening (or closing) at a LM Ski Patrol gathering in a week. Stay tuned...
March 31, 2005
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Glad they're going to give it another year. I'd have spent more days there....but probably instead of days at 7Springs, if they were able to make more snow and they accepted PSAA skier vouchers, which they didn't honor this year due to their late start.

Laurel potentially has a great product; I hope the springs can make it work. Lower Wildcat is a Pennsylvania treasure!
March 31, 2005
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The info posted on Laurel's web site is purely for survey info only. No decision has been made that we know of(we meaning the LMSP). Hopefully the powers that be at 7S keep in mind that the mild/late start to winter was not only hard on LM, but also the other 2 nearby resorts. When they did advertise(large sign at entrance off of Rt 30 w/ flags, and minimal shared TV spots on Local station 4) the people did come. But please keep in mind that Laurel Mountain does NOT have potential to become another 7S, and we don't want it to be!!! We happen to like it just the way it is(okay I lied, maybe more lights, snowmaking, terrain, etc..., but don't change the employees there as they are like part of the family)
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