DCSki Gathering At Timberline on Sat. 3/5
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March 5, 2005
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As I write this I expect that those that made it to the gathering spot this morning are probably whooping and hollering down the slopes, and planning lunch, and just enjoying the fact that they are seeing faces behind the friends on the DCSki web site. I really wanted to attend, but this is the ultra busy time at work and I was smart enough to realize I was too exhausted to make the long drive to Timeberline last night or very early this morning. Hopefully today's small gathering will wet the appetite for a larger more formal gathering sometime next ski season. I would be neat to see "DCSki" listed on a ski area web site, or lodging site as a group in residence for a day or weekend...probably also get a discount!
Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing pictures and reading stories about the Timberline gathering. And I am curious as to whether Walker was correct, and after all gathered at the Ski Patrol hut, somebody careened into the group and scattered all like bowling pins. Wish I was there!
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