Blue Knob Trip Report wednesday the 2nd
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March 4, 2005
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This was my first time back to the knob since march last year, and it was by far the best trip i have taken there out of my 3 visits I left HV at 7:00 in the morning to take the normally hour drive from there. It ended up taking 2 hours due to moderate to heavy snow, from HV to allegheny mountain, which after the tunnel the sun came out only to dissappear on the approch to the knob. The acces road was tons of fun with plowed snow but still covered pretty good making for some exciting four wheel WRC drifts on the way up. Upon arriving i was great with subzero wind chills and 40mph gust. After i got my bag in the lodge i was pleasantly surprise to learn that PSIA members get full comp there.

My first run i took at about 8:40 am i went to stembogan were the bowl had been wind blown on the top but filled in down low, everytime i stand on the skier left of the bowl i cant belive how steep the top is basically a ledge by it self. That run was a challenge due to the mix of wind blown, man made snow(aka ice) and powder, for aft balance was key. The next run was down high hopes and i must say it might have been the best run there that day powder down the entire thing with out varation, extrovert had packedpowder and powder on it, but was wind blown pretty bad. Shortway had more than enough cover on it and was a blast, i love quick short turns. Route 66 had good coverage with one visable rock near the bottom and none to be felt scraping my bases, it did eat me once when i took alittle to much of a direct line and puit i ski into PA wind blown cement. The glades need to be cleared out better but are skiable if you are carefull right now, and dont mind skiiing though bramble east wall was a blast but requiered skills alittle over expert and lack of common sense to ski it. I pretty much stuck to the lower mountain all day to avoid the wind but i did take onw run down Jack Rabbit and it was firm, fast, and edgeable with some nice mounds left by snowmakers to catch air on. After skiing the lower mountain from before 9 to about 3 my legs couldnt take it anymore and i was getting tired(not use to steeps or short turns every run) but overall a great trip cant wait till return in 2 weeks, should help me for my 3rd trip to VT at the end of march.
JimK - DCSki Columnist
March 4, 2005
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nice post, sounds like you got a good dose of seriousness.

I'm off to Tahoe, where I expect to get a heavy dose of seriousness at Kirkwood.
March 4, 2005
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thaks for the report. I am glad BK finally is open. It seemed like they were just so far behind all year that they would never get opened. I guess this season really isn't a washout afterall. I will have to head up there next weekend if all goes well. BK is a really good Daytrip from DC. Its only about 2.5-3 hours.
March 4, 2005
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I have been thinking of trying BK, but I had always thought it was too far from Richmond. What do you think is the best way to go?

March 6, 2005
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95 Up to DC and then 495 innter loop (to Bethesda) Then 270 N-70W-99N- Exit for Queen or where ever that is marked for BK. There are signs IIRC.

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