HV trip report the nights of March 1st and 2nd
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March 4, 2005
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well after final getting a day off during the week(hard to due when the boss is your dad) I decide to go Blue Knob on wednesday, and since i have rented a condo for the season at HV what better way to warm up then to ski the woods at HV at night with over 2 feet of snow in most places. Tuesday night there was at least a foot of snow on the marked runs and some nice drifts slash bump on Road Runner that were very deep. The Rebel trails were skiing great on both nights i took mulitiple runs on toureg(thunder lift line),diablo(trees of to the right of t-bird that i may add have more coverage and are better cleared than the glades at BK), and integra(another local cleared glade on the right of terrain park) these trails are blast and are full of snow right now and the more people ski them the better chance we ahve of management giving them the ok next year to be officail(as of right now this niether condoned or disalowed buy ski patrol the last couple year they blocked it off but this year i have skied them in plain site and have seen other ski it with ski patrol sometimes following and not saying a word) basically some of the best condition i have seen there in while and it should hold true though the weekend. Hope to see some of you guys this weekend.

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