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March 3, 2005
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I'm going to be travelling to Timberline via the northern route. I need some advice though. Which is a better choice, John Sherwood's route of 50 to SR93 to 32 OR US50, to 90, to 219, to 32? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
March 4, 2005
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I go over there from Warrenton VA, and always take 50, 93, 32. Takes me about 3 hours because we always stop at the Burger King near Romney for a bite to eat. Haven't tried the other way.
March 4, 2005
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Taken from John sherwoods Country Roads Article.

# I-270 to Frederick
# I-70 to Hancock
# I-68 to Cumberland
# Exit on US-220 South on the outskirts of Cumberland
# Route 220 South to Route 50 West at New Creek, West Virginia
# Right on SR-93 just beyond New Creek
# Left on SR-32 at Davis
# Follow 32 to Timberline or Canaan Valley

Is this still "THE" route for DC drivers? Thanks,

March 4, 2005
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That depends on where in DC you are coming out from. If a person is closer to Baltimore/North East/West DC then yes that northern route is quicker. But if someone is coming from southern DC or say down in the 6 flags area it's quicker to get on I-66 W, I-81 S, SR 55 W, US 33 W, SR 32 N.
March 6, 2005
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I do this run every weekend. As BA said, the 270-70 route puts you quite a ways north of your objective if your coming out of DC. If you're up in Northwest of the beltway (say Damascus, etc...) maybe. Anything Takoma Park and below, take 66 to 81 or if its evening rush hour, Dulles Toll Road (Rt 7) to Winchester. Now here's where BA and I differ. I've tried all the western routes from DC and I've found the fastest to be 66W/81N/37/50W/93S/32S. The 81S to 55 route is actually a shorter distance by about 15 miles but until they finish corridor H all the cutbacks knock your speed down considerably. Rt 50 stays pretty high speed (averaging ~ 50) for most of the way except for some brief town drive throughs in Capon Bridge, Romney, etc...
6 of one and 1/2 dozen of another. Your only talking about 20 minutes difference in driving time between the two so flip a coin. I will say there is some beautiful scenery on BA's route especially down by Smoke Hole and Seneca Rocks. Either way have a great trip!!

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