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March 2, 2005
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OK, so I left Ohio and met some friends in Morgantown on Friday and headed to Snowshoe on Saturday. We had a blast with some great conditions. I headed back that night to the old homestead in Moorefield to pick up paperwork and such for my new job and to hang with the family a bit.

I didn't see this snowstorm coming at all. I didn't go boarding on Monday because the snow totals weren't really up there yet and I was still sore from Saturday. I plan on leaving Tuesday morning, skiing Blue Knob for the first time, and then heading home but my alarm said go and my body said no. I wake up at 9 and my cousins are off school and we decide to go to Timberline. My aunt calls the 800 number and they say roads are terrible with the wind and all so she doesn't want to drive them. I decide to just skip and head back to my wife since I haven't seen her since Thursday.

Well I drive through Deep Creek on the way back and the roads aren't all that bad. I pull into Wisp for a bathroom break and you can see the powder trails behind people on the Face. Still, 28 bucks for a half day was a bit more than I wanted to pay for Wisp. I've skied that place to death on powder days from back in college so it wasn't really THAT tempting. I thought about strapping on the board and sneaking on the lift once but I decided to go see my wife. What a great husband I'd be passing all this snow with board in tow.

Well I'm cruising right along on I70 to Columbus when traffic comes to a dead stop. Truckers come by and tell me there's 5 trucks in a crash and it could take a long time. I watch as people in 2 wheel drive trucks get stuck in the median trying to turn around and start thinking I coulda done better with my Civic. I seriously consider climing the hill to the right with my board and backcounry boarding while we wait. I resist the urge to give it the ol' college try through the median with my Civic and 4 hours later I get going. After 12 hours in the car I'm back home. I could have skied Timberline till close and made it back at the same time

So in conclusion, if you ever thought about choosing love over snow remember that the snow gods are watching and will smite you down for your betrayal.
March 2, 2005
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You really need to move out of OH. This is one of the tragic-ist winter road tales i've heard in a while. Couple of questions:

Are you still speaking to your Aunt?

Was your honey still up when you got home?

ULLR: If you're reading today, Will you forgive JR's transgression?

March 2, 2005
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Oh I'm speaking to my aunt all right. She heard about it from hour 2 to 3 until my battery died.

My wife was still awake but just barely. My dramatic entrance was more like driving 12 hours to make it just in time to tell great aunt Edna that I loved her and see her last breath than it was the makings of an ending to a sappy romance novel.

I appreciate the prayers jimmy. How could I have allowed myself to become so selfless.

I'll get out of Ohio and into Pittsburgh as soon as the government Googles my name and doesn't find anything bad on me. That is what a security clearance entails right? They must be using dial up I guess.
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