TLine 100% Open
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March 1, 2005
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TLine just updated their web site. They are 100% open!!!!

Who's going up this weekend???
March 1, 2005
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... not I.
johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
March 1, 2005
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I'm hoping to be there. I'm excited about riding the new expert's only Poma. That's how I hope to avoid the crowds.
March 1, 2005
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Pending a new car battery tomorrow, I plan to be there and hopefully with friends too.
March 1, 2005
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I'll be up. CVR is 100% as well. I'll do Canaan for day ski and TL for night on Saturday. I think crowds will be an issue @ TL with current conditions so I may take up a repeat day at Canaan on Sunday as well. Crowds are never overwhelming there. Looking forward to was iced at the top lip last weekend but this fresh powder has probably rectified the ice problem. And those wicked whales toward the base...looking forward to doing my Captain Ahab impression.
March 1, 2005
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I should be there as well! John, based on your account from Europe, I think you should stick to the intermediate POMA. Not necessarily one that services intermediate terrain...just the intermediate POMA. Me, I'll stick to the newbie POMA.
March 2, 2005
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It's 12:30 AM and it is still snowing in Canaan Valley. Timberline also has their snow guns blasting tonight - even with 5-6" of fresh snow that has fallen since around 4PM - so much for them packing it in after Presidents Day. Using unscientific methods I estimate we received 9" Thursday, 9" Monday, 2-4" overnight, and now 5-6" this evening - somewhere between 25"-28" since Thursday!

We have managed to get ourselves snowed-in here since Friday and have skied 5 straight powder days. All the trails are in great shape. There has to be at least 2 feet of soft powder under the lifts on Thunderdraft and Silver Streak. The glades opened today, but the Drop was still listed as closed on this morning's Trail Report. With the forecast for the rest of the week this coming weekend should be great. We'll be here for sure!
March 2, 2005
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Well, It looks like this is the weekend to ski T-Line. I will be there. Good things come to those who wait.
March 2, 2005
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I've already planned and booked a trip to Utah starting tomorrow. It looks like there's going to be more powder here vs there Enjoy everyone and make some turns for me

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