Conditions at CV and TL?
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March 1, 2005
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Any locals have any good info on the snow totals that fell at Timberline and Canaan Valley? Thanks in advance.
March 1, 2005
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Cheech, Whitegrass is saying 7" monday + 2" overnight. Next question, is it still snowing?
March 1, 2005
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My son called the house this AM and said that they were talking about a 20" figure since Sunday. It's suppose to make white for the next two days as well.
March 2, 2005
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6AM and still snowing hard at my place in Timberline. I have to say another 8" fell last night making my unofficial snow total since Thursday a hefty 28"-32" inches:

9" Thursday
2" Friday PM
9" Sunday
2-4" Monday
6-8" Tuesday PM/Wed AM

All is soft and fluffy powder, temps have not gotten above 28 degrees - it is 12 degrees now. The wind has been raging yesterday afternoon through this morning. The NWS is predicting an additional 3-5" today following another upper level disturbance expected to pass through this afternoon. Considering that they called for 1-3" last night and we have easily doubled that, I am expecting at least another 6-8" today.

Overall the mountain (Timberline) has not been in better shape all year. We have sampled everything except OTW. What is amazing is how different the skiing has been from day to day. Friday AM was a pure powder day, but by the afternoon the powder had been skied into moguls with hardpack in between. Saturday was great groomed skiing with an inch or 2 of fresh on top - pure heaven. Sunday was another nice day of packed powder skiing. Then came Monday - this was a major powder day that reminded me of a trip to Telluride we took a few years back. There was a ton of snow on every trail with more coming down in sheets! Everything was highly skiable. Once the snow got moguled up, White Lightening was the best. I also enjoyed Thunderdraft and Silverstreak more than I ever remember. Tuesday there was less fresh snow so all the groomed slopes were nice cruisers all day long. Thunderstruck was the sweetest trail yesterday, and under the lifts were still piled high with 2+' of forgiving soft powder.
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