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February 28, 2005
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Since 1980 was a leap year, that would have been February 29. It was a Friday, and I was living in Charlottesville. I went with someone to see a movie. I dropped her off and went back home. When I went to bed, about 1 or 2 a.m., the conditions were clear.

When I woke up the next morning, Saturday, March 1, there was snow all over the ground, and it was coming down fast. A nearby road, on a hill, was too slippery for my car to climb. The rest of week was difficult.

That was actually a good season for snow. I saw the earliest snow I ever saw in Virginia. On October 10, 1979, a Wednesday, I awoke to the sound of downed power lines shorting out. The heavy, wet snow took everyone by surprise. I took pictures on the way to class.

This was before I had skis or boards. Yes, it was a wasted period of my life.
Mountain Masher
February 28, 2005
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I remember the Oct. 10, 1979 snow well. I was a student at James Madison University at the time and living in down-town Harrisonburg, VA. I remember waking up to around 9 inches of wet snow and loving it as I walked over to campus. Of course, the snow melted within a couple of days. The 79-80 ski season turned out to be OK at Massanutten and the WVA ski areas but not nearly as good as the epic ski season of 77-78.
March 1, 2005
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I recall 77-78 as well. Again, that was before I had skis or boards. I was living out by Crozet. I have time exposures taken at night showing the snow-covered mountains. Quite lovely.

What I recall now, among other things, is how much more I could afford then with less money.
JimK - DCSki Columnist
March 1, 2005
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It was 25 years and about a week ago that I was on a bus ski trip to Killington. I went up with two buddies for the GW birthday holiday weekend. Don't think it was called Pres Day back then. We rode all night then skied for two days. Were scheduled to come back on the holiday Monday, but a big storm hit the East coast, especially hard in DC, believe about 15". We only got about 3-5 inches in VT, but no one complained when they added an extra day to the trip. Didn't miss any work, because everything was closed in DC next day. Weird driving back and seeing the snow get deeper and deeper as we got closer to DC area. But then there were like two straight 70 degree days and everything was gone - poof. Same old fickle mid-Atlantic weather.
March 1, 2005
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Hmm, 25 years ago today, I would have been about a month old. Nope, can't remember whether or not it snowed!

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