Snowshoe 2-25-05
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February 28, 2005
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Quick post on this past weekend at the Shoe.

First off I want to say a big hello to Tomf who I ran into at the top of Fox Chase sportin a big ole DCSki pin and a grin to match.

Conditions overall on Saturday were superb. Let me break it down.
Snow: awesome, it was very fine crystal powder falling from the sky all day long. Every run was soft and powdery except for the head of Flying Eagle which was scraped off. Bear Claw took the award as run of the day by a long shot. Temps were mild though, no need for the full face mask thing.

Crowds: at Silver Creek almost non existent, at the basin I have no clue. Why would I leave a place with no lines to see if the other area is packed or not. There were plenty of runs where it was just me and my two buddies bombing down to get to the lift where there was absolutely no line. It got busy around 4 mind you but by then I was done and didn't really care.

Fun factor: oh at least a 9 out of 10. Even though I'm still technically injured I came a way from that day feeling actually better.

On Sunday it was blue skies and dry roads all the way back. It's one of those weekends you write down as nearly perfect.
February 28, 2005
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I agree - I was there Saturday and it was lots of fun. No lift line crowds and good conditions.
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