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February 24, 2005
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I brought my Big Stix skis to work anticipating an early release. At 1:15 my supervisor called and told me to get a head start and beat the traffic. I sure did. The roads were rough on the way up but I was on the slopes by 3:45. The snow was soft, plentiful and I loved it. The wider platform deffinatly makes abig differnece. I loved the ski. It took me some time to get dialed in but after 4 runs I was on the ball.

The bumps on exhibition was my favorite run with the soft snow accumulating in the troughs made the runa hoot. I could tell the trails were iced over just the day earlier. Bold decision was also in good shape. If I am off tomorrow then I will be heading back conditions were that great.

The snow totals I saw on the parking lot on the way out were 8-10". And that was a fine powdery snow. Its on.
February 25, 2005
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I went up this morning. Total reported snow was 7-10, but it looked like a lot less (lots of settling overnight). There were 5 people in line when the high speed opened at 8:30. There were light flurries coming from nowhere for the first hour. Drop in and Bold Decision were labeled as groomed, but had loose snow on them. Bold had man made on top of the natural which made it a little wacky for the first few runs (you mostly rode on top, but tended to sink in unexpectedly every now and then). Exhibition was nice, but it was easy to find hard snow underneath if you hit your edges hard. The bumps are getting big in the middle. Pay attention to the lollipops people. The snow outside the pops may look good, but you're risking base damage if you go there. Far side was groomed just at the right time so that its surface was a nice soft packed - perfect for a rippin cruiser run. It was getting warm when I left at noon. It's going to melt today, then set up tonight. They should be able to blow more fresh and get some flurries too tonight. Saturday could get busy quickly. The first runs will be the best.
February 25, 2005
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The terrain park and upper angle where hanging in there at 3pm, it was getting very warm. late winter skiing at its best . the expert runs were described really well in the previous post.
February 26, 2005
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Good conditions, skiied from noon-close today. By the end of the day exhibition seemed pretty icey, although that might just be compared to the powder I skiied out west last weekend. Light crowds, good conditions, tomorrow early should be nice.

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