Atomic Sl-9 170cm
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February 23, 2005
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Ok i bought these skis last year after demoing the this exact pair so here is my take on them.

Skis-03-04 Atomic Sl-9
Binding- Atomic 412 race
Ski length- 170cm
Snow Condition - used in pretty much everything they have been used in powder but not my first choice
Days used around 70

My ability level strong level 9, i have slight weakness in bumps(i cant keep up with 7S zipperliners) but can carve better than about everybody.
Year skiing-3
Ave days a year - 103
21 years of age, 175 pounds, 5'9"

These are were my first pair of non-twintip i have owned, got them after demoing them and they got me addicted to speed and carving.

Short turn- As long as your little foward, and have equal steering and good timing these thing will short turn with the best of them, the amount of edge on the ski will cause them to catch funny after they have just be sharpend though. Tons of energy and rebound, and are were quick enough edge to edge to handle stowe icey steeps(ala national)

Carveed turns
These ski have no weakness at all in hip into turn pure carved turns. you can vary raduis at will to the point were it fells like you ar orbiting(I HAVE CARVERED A FULL CIRCLE) down the hill as long as your dont bank into a turn the will not lose a edge. They can do faster GS turn great which still fell natural but super g ish turn can be kinda of squirly. Overall a gret way to maximize you vert at small mid atlantic resorts i intruct at Hidden Valley so flat boring terrain can become interseting inches of the ground at 30mph.

Bump- these ski can be a chore in rutted bumps(like springs) cause the ski will simply not fit into trough they will clang hook edges(12m sidecut) and put me in the back set. My line darkside are much better skis form me in the bumps. Up in vermont i did not have the same problem due to the bumps being round there, but still not the best choice due the large sidecuat and long length for a SL ski.


These ski with there adjustable binding and wide tip and tail are surprizeing powder skis,but can be prone to catch edge due to narrow waist but not bad at all. pretty good in glades but i have a better glade and bump ski so they rarely get used there.

Overall a great ski for wannabe racers, and carvaholics. Any more question on them just ask.
February 25, 2005
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Has anyone skied the new Atomic Metron M10 or M9?

Thought's? Do they really carve well?
February 25, 2005
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Heh nice review. I never been on these but they sound like a fun ski. I love the average day skiing per year: 103.

February 28, 2005
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I skied the M11 in 162 cm length(and have skied the R11 its father) they ski well ski kinda of like a agile tank, great edge hold on anything(even boilerplate), eats crud, all while doing railed medium radius turns(11m sidecut), very steerable at the sametime short raduis turns are not chore at all although the R11 is alitte more steerable do to its lack of sidecut, i have not tried them in bumps or powder so i have no clue on how they will handle that.

Yes i have skied 206 days in my first 2 years of skiing, i am only up to 56 days this year(damn work) but yes i am lucky lucky person to spend that much time on snow.

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