Timberline Today (2/18/2005)
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February 18, 2005
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It's 7am and I'm walking out the door to head to Timberline. Look for me there as I'll be in the black protec helmet with a few stickers, light blue/white coat, white/cream snowboard pants and I'll be using my lightblue/purplish Forum 158 snowboard. I'll be there until 4:30pm before heading back.

Yippee it's snow on the ground in Wardensville too, a skiff but snow none the less!!
February 18, 2005
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T'was snowing here all morning and accumulating... just in time for a quick stroll about in it, then the sun came out. Should be a great February weekend in the mountains of WV!

Ski and Tell

Snowcat got your tongue?

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