Blue Knob or Ski Denton
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February 18, 2005
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Ok so this isn't a typical question for dcski but since I am about an 1.5 hours from both id see what you all think. I hoping to go next weekend if I can talk my friend with a car into going (college life isn't all it's made up to be) Right now I am pretty much 100% leaning towards Denton. I'm leaning this way because I have never been there before, its cheaper then Blue Knob (important to college students), and appears to have more expert terrain open now, including avalanche which is supposedly the steepest in the east. But if in the next week Blue knob opens 1 or 2 more lower mountain slopes I would become pretty much equal on what one I want to go to. In particular if they open up Extrovert which I never got to concur yet since the one time I have been to BK I saw my reflection in it.
Mountain Masher
February 18, 2005
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Go to Denton! BK isn't likely to open any more slopes this season (other than Deer Run) plus, there's a bad rock problem at BK these days.
February 18, 2005
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IMO the "deal maker" at blueknob is extrovert. If its open then it is worth going if not... then probbaly not. The snow at BK, unless fresh snow is on the ground is guranteed ice. BK's slopes are rocky and generally thinly covered on the lower mountain. I am sure since they have concentrated snow making on their limited terrain uppper mountain terrain that the cover of what is opened at BK will be fine. However, I ad doubt they will be able to open many more trails this season. Its just too late.
Roger Z
February 18, 2005
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If you've never been, go to Denton. They're likely to have the best natural snow south of New York right now and you can't go wrong with the glades scattered around the front or the runs in general on the backside. Plus when I was there a few years back 60 cent beers were still to be had in the town of Galeton.

It's not the biggest vert in the region but on the other hand there are no run-offs either (except for a little flat stretch on the top). You just push off the lift, plummet, arrive at lift, and repeat. Plus the folks up there are very laid back and cool. Plus you won't reopen the BK can of worms on this board if you ski at Denton.

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