Want shorter lft lines...
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February 17, 2005
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Go to Laurel Mountain... limited terrain because of the rain, but waiting in line is rarely an issue.
February 18, 2005
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shhh ... your letting the secret out.

Seriously though it sounds like Laurel is having a good year. Unfortunately I haven't been able to ski it yet this year due to lack of a car, But I am hoping to hit it up when I come home for spring break. I just hope the snow will hold out until March 7-11. But when they close is anybodies guess right now. Seven Springs certainly has no reason to keep it open once the numbers drop below profitability since the season passed there are good at the Springs whenever Laurel closes. So I need you all to keep skiing it until I can get there.
February 18, 2005
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Hey Shearer519, I know I shouldn't let the secret out how great Laurel Mountain is, but I don't ever want to see 2003-04 happen again (for those not in the know, it was closed due to financial woes). So I'm sure most people who ski there (myself included) want to see increased traffic... increased traffic brings more money... more money brings snowmaking upgrades (hopefully on Dream Highway)... and on it goes.

Hope you can make it there this year.

BTW, there's a storm brewin' Sunday... keep your fingers crossed that it's snow.
February 18, 2005
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Theres no hushing this up. The secret is out! There have already been 2-3 long pposts and trip reports on laurel. I may have to detour to from 7S to laurel on monday if the rain holds off.
Buckeye Skier
February 18, 2005
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Try it, you'll like it.

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