Weekend at 7springs??
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February 17, 2005
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Looks like they are getting some natural snow wich is always good and temps are nice and cold for snowmaking but what about crowds? This is going to be my first time to springs (mostly a whitetail/canaan person) so i am wondering what to expect?
February 17, 2005
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langley, Expect big crowd saturday. Sunday mornings aren't too bad and keep moving until you find a lift line you can live with.

February 17, 2005
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I was thinking of the springs but now I think WT for first chair saturday morning.
February 17, 2005
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How is springs compared 2 wt on a big saturday....are the lines as long and is it possible to find a lift that is not too crowded???
February 17, 2005
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A lot depends upon what special promotions they have scheduled for the weekend. Sometimes it can be pretty hectic sinc most of the skiing Pittsburgh crowd heads there. I have a friend from Virginia who will be there this weekend with a group of buddies and they are hoping for the best. 7 springs can handle the crowds though.
February 17, 2005
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Who is going to be at 7S this weekend? I am there with SQUOT on Sunday and Monday. I wil be wearing my usual cobalt and black marmot shell parka and balack pants. Black protec helm. Pretty generic, I know. I will be in 168cm Volkl 5*s.

SQOTS wears a powder blue parka, matchign helm, and black pants. We wil both be sporting the DCSki pins on right temple area of our goggle straps.

I have never met any DCSKi friends so I am looking forwar dto saying hi and takign a few runs with y'all.
February 17, 2005
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I was at 7 Springs this past Sat (Feb 12). Granted, it was probably not as busy as this coming weekend will be, but there were still a lot of skiers there. We skied all day on the North Face side, and the longest liftline we had was maybe 4 to 5 minutes, max, and that was only on the Gunnar lift. The lines for Gunnar tend to be longer than the other North Face lifts since Gunnar serves a slightly wider variety of terrain. The other North Face lifts had very short lines - probably 2 minutes at most. If you enter through the North Entrance and park in the North lot you can buy a ticket on the way in and you never need to go to the main lodge, so you miss most of the crowds.
February 17, 2005
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7Springs is a lot of fun. Weekdays are super but weekends are crowded, but so are the others. I ski mostly in WV but 7S is one of my favorites. I've always thought that WT has longer weekend lift lines than 7S.
February 18, 2005
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While Seven Springs can be crowded on the weekends the lines are never bad if you know where to go. A basic rule of thumb is the further from the main lodge you go the shorter the lines will be. When the crowds are the largest I like to stick to the North Face. If you are skiing the North Face slope take the quad that goes to the top of the head wall and not the one that goes all the way to the lodge. Not only is it a shorter ride but it also stops less frequently. Another thing I like to do is when I am skiing Giant Steps I stop at the top of the second headwall to see which lift has a shorter line. You would be surprised at how often one lift will be packed and the other completely empty. Also if you find yourself in a long lift line on the Gunner chair a lot of times when you make your way back down that line will be completely gone. I guess a lot of people get feed up with it and move on to other lifts. The best kept secret at Seven Springs is the Alpine Meadows area. it is rare for a person to wait more then five people to get on the lift. As for the front face there is no real way to avoid the crowds during the day. I try to ski it early then come back late once the crowds have dies down. Again the crowds here seam to cycle between chairs so you may find yourself waiting 15 mins one time then only 5 mins the next trip to the same chair. The least crowded chair there is usual the Tyrol lift. I've never had a trip to Seven Springs with bad lines and being one of those "Pittsburghers" that tend to go there on the holiday weekends I've been there on many bad crowd days.
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