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February 14, 2005
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I'm looking to take some advanced snowboard lessons sometime in the coming weeks. I'd preferably like to hit a resort where there are snowboard instructors who participate here on so I can put some names to faces, have a great time discussing all sort of things.

When it comes to my level ability, I can cruise greens, although I swear sometimes the lack of pitch on those causes me to fall more. I handle most all blues while cruising just great. I've even been tossed into some blue mogul situations and the first time I did those this year, I nailed every mogul, loved it, and zipped through them several times. Blacks however, I'm more cautious and if it's icy, I edge it or pass. Blacks with 5"+ of powder though I try to do carving but ultimately will catch an edge and slide for a while.

What level would I be rated at and would I be good for more advanced lessons? I haven't decided on a resort to take them at, but I'm up for suggestionss.
February 15, 2005
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I teach skiing and snowboarding at Whitetail. We'd love to have you come visit us. Depending on what kind of carving you're doing, I'd rate you at level 6-7. Your only problem with taking advanced lessons is which direction you want to go. You could focus on carving, dynamic turns (where the board gets out from underneath the body), riding switch, bumps, steeps, intro to freestyle (jumps, rails+boxes, 1/2 pipe, tricks). Please PM me if you want to arrange a lesson.
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