TImberline 2/12 -2/13
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February 14, 2005
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Here is a T-line report about the skiing and not about bikinis and or panty trees: Skied Saturday and Sunday and all I can say is Off the Wall is Off the Hook. That slope is short but I'd wager to say that it is one of the most challenging , fun runs in the south. It rocks!!! Big bumps on top of huge whales. Some of the whales where even sliding. They must have blown a couple of inches of new snow on top of a previous baked and frozen surface because I was making some turns that were setting of mini slab avalanches. By the end of the day saturday all the backs of the whales and bumps had "slabbed off". What a cool surface.

I was kinds of hoping to see the guns set up on THe Drop for the next period of cold weather, but they didn't have any guns over there. It was closed but I couldn't resist. I made a couple of runs down it on saturday. It was pretty thin but I could hop around and find some fresh tracks here and there. Are they going to open that trail this season? I hope so because the Drop is always a killer bump run in the spring.
February 14, 2005
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I did a little poaching of my own on upper silver streak. I hit it late in the day and it was pretty thin. Definately need a tuneup after that one. I had watch people poaching it all day, so I figured what the heck.
February 15, 2005
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Bumps, that was me and my kids on Silver Streak

That was the best run on the mountain all weekend.. Thursday and Friday were the days. I was on the slope around 1:15pm Thursday with about 6" of fresh and it just kept coming down... By Friday morning they said we had had 13", not sure it was quite that much but it was sweeet!!!

As for OTW, not a bad run but the whales are a bit outta control. I stayed to one side or the other.
I prefer The Drop when open...
February 15, 2005
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In the spring OTW becomes very enjoyable, sa the whales get carved into VW-sized deliciousness.

I'll never forget opening weekend last season at Timberline. Three day weekend, skied Friday and it was okay, late-start Saturday and discovered Silver Streak was poachable. 18 inches of new snow overnight for Sunday... first run down Silver Streak (it was still "closed" but when I asked about it they said it was open) anyone took that season... best run of my life. Better than powdery double-black bowls on Mt. Hood. 18 inches is a lot of snow! That weekend I went on to poach several other trails including getting the first run ever on GladeRunner. Last winter was pretty good after all.

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