Burton 151 for Sale $135
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February 14, 2005
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Burton Custom 151 for Sale. Price is $135. Bought circa 1996. Used for 3 seasons. The Burton Custom is the only snowboard you'll need to take you anywhere and do anything. It is a versatile, all-around performer. All levels of riders can enjoy this snowboard. This was the second board I owned out of 7 boards. First board was a Burton Freestyle 146 and the others after that were: Glissades 151 (sold), Sims Pipe 146 (sold), Burton Alpine 161, Rossi Diva 161, and a Rossi World Cup 151. I held onto the Burton Custom for a long time even though I wasn't riding it because it was my favorite board until I went up in size to the Rossi Diva.
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