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February 8, 2005
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I was just wondering if anyone had been up to Holiday Valley this year. I'm heading up on Sunday and looking for suggestions on what to ski and what to avoid. Does anyone know what I can expect for snow condition and lift lines. Also does anyone know of any deals to get cheaper lift tickets up there?
February 8, 2005
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I was at HV over presidents day last season. The tenanbaum gladed area is really nice. They have soem of the prettiest trees I have seen. Check it out especialyl if you ahve some freshies.

I am planning to go back again sometime this month maybe early march. Pelase post a snow report if you can. Thanks,

February 8, 2005
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Was there MLK Monday. Almost all trails were open, dont think the glades were though. The Wall was open, but should not have been (Rocky). Coverage was pretty good, especially in comparison to what was going on in this neck of the woods at that time. But, I did scratch up my skis. Erie and Peek n Peek defiantly received more snow than Holiday. I would say they had about a foot more than Holiday. Should have stopped at Peek despite their limited terrain. On the bright side there were no lift lines to be had, not bad especially for being MLK holiday. Things have prob. improved since I was there though.
February 8, 2005
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Holiday Valley is my favorite place to ski in this area, I guess mainly because I grew up skiing those trails. I second tromano on the Tannenbaum area-- its really beautiful, and tends to hold the snow well. The glades (if open) are fun. If, open the Chute trail is nice and challenging

I presonally also like the black trails off of the main trail Mardi Gras (Yodler, Champaigne).

There is also some fun black trails near the Terrain park, that was usually pretty empty when I went to HV last MLK weekend.

Have fun! Fill us in on your trip when you return.
February 8, 2005
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thanks for all the tips guys. I'm still wondering if there is any way to get discount lift tickets. I haven't been to Holiday Valley in many years but I had a blast when I was there. I remember I was just starting to get more comfortable with skiing at that time so of course I decided to ski the wall. Well the slope was all ice that day and needless to say I fell at the very top of it. I slide about halfway down the slope feet first when I hit a mogul. The next thing I know I am now heading face first down the slope. I was also later told that I disappeared in a cloud of powder and that after it cleared that mogul was gone. Well after that me and the rest of my group avoided the wall the rest of the day. I spent most of my day skiing down falcon which was a mogul run. The thought was I wasn't going to stop until I made it down with out falling. I spent the rest o the day on that slope. Well ever since that experience I have had a chip on my shoulder. Now that I am a much better skier I cant wait to get back up there and concurred the wall and falcon. Only 5 days till I beat the mountain
Buckeye Skier
February 8, 2005
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We go once or twice a year. Once so far this year. If it is crowded the Chute,Eagle,Sunrise and the Wall chairs are the places to go. The lift lines aren't bad even on busy days, but sometimes the trails seem crowded. No matter what you'll get your runs in and have a good experience! The place is run pretty well and the lifts are very modern and fast, letting you get in a lot of skiing in just a few hours. If you go on a Saturday definitely try to get there at 8:30 when they open.
February 8, 2005
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I skied at HV on 1/29-2/1..and it was great. I'm not fond of skiing in the northeast and prefer skiing out West 2 to 3 times in the season. I've skied 39 resorts in North America and my experience in the NE is very icy conditions, frigid single or sub zero temps, trails that aren't wide open like out West. I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful this resort is! It was their busiest weekend of the season so far, and I was bracing for long waits in the lift lines, crowds on the mountain, etc. The resort is so well managed that even though it was crowded I never waited more than 5 minutes in the lift lines. I understand that they put in a new express lift at Tannenbaum this year. The mountain wasn't crowded at all and I noticed that the snowboarders aren't as plentiful as you find at other ski resorts. The entire resort is very well kept up...all the lodges (Main, Yodeler, and Tannenbaum) are very new, up to date and well maintained. Wish some of our local resorts like Seven Springs, Timberline and Canaan would take HV's example and put some $$$ into improving their facilities. The snow coverage was very good, although they could use a fresh dumping as there were a few exposed areas. Checked and it looks like they are getting some rain/drizzle mix over the next 10 days. The town of Ellicottville is so charming as well. I would definitely go back to was a very pleasant surprise and well worth the drive up there.
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February 8, 2005
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Holiday Valley is one of the East's best kept secrets! This ski area has done everything right and it shows. They've taken a long-term view and continue to invest much of their profits back into the resort. And, the beauty of this ski area shows that the environment has been respected every step of the way. From what I understand, the slope conditions are usually pretty good at Holiday Valley since it is situated within a snow-belt area. It's definately a place that I'd like to ski more often.
June 21, 2005
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I'm researching a ski trip with relatives from Michigan and wanted to find a resort in the middle that can accomodate skiers of all ages and skills. It looks like the Holiday Valley area will accomplish this for me. Does anyone have any recommendations for places to stay? The accomodations need to be kid friendly and if possible have an indoor pool for the kids and hot tubs for the adults. Also any recommendations on restaurants would be great. Thx.

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