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johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
November 29, 2002
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This came off the Whitetail web site:


"Snow Making Is Underway!
We had a great night of snowmaking last night and currently are still making snow. We will continue to make snow through out the days and nights as long as temperatures allow. Our Snow Makers have been very busy putting down phenomenal amounts snow on several trails! Have a look for yourself by checking out our webcams! Check back after 12 noon today for updates on a possible opening day. "

johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
November 29, 2002
Member since 07/18/2001 🔗
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Whitetail and RT just announced the opening of limited terrain for tomorrow.

Much more terrain will be opening at 7 Springs, which promises 10 trails. Wisp also looks like a good bet.

December 3, 2002
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i was there on saturday. snow was great! only the bunny hill was open. a look at the webcams now shows alot of newly blown snow.
December 26, 2002
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Anybody been to White Tail in last couple days?

I mulling trip 12/27.


December 26, 2002
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I was there 12/24. The conditions were terrible, nothing but ice. The recent warm weather has hampered snowmaking efforts for the past week or so, you could certainly tell. I'm surprised that they were able to keep 13 trails open. Stay on the trail edges....However as I look outside my windows now it is snowing so this should improve conditions...also nightime temperatures should be cold enough 12/25- 26th. Whitetail should be okay on the 26 and 27.
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