No more NASTAR at Snowshoe?
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January 31, 2005
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Does anyone know why Snowshoe no longer has NASTAR?

It seems this year Snowshoe is no longer listed on the NASTAR site as a participating resort. I noticed there was nothing set up on Skip Jack when we were there in December and thought it was just too early in the season. Bummer .. my daughter really enjoys NASTAR and looks forward to some informal racing on weekends.

Does anyone know whom I might contact to find out what gives?
February 1, 2005
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NASTAR comes and goes at Snowshoe. Two or three years ago it was gone. Last year it was back. This year??? I was at SS over the weekend and on one of the days (Saturday, I think) there was a "race today" sign at the top of Skip Jack and several staff and members of the SS ski team were starting to set up a course. I inferred that there would be a NASTAR race that day, but I never checked back to find out if there actually was one.

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