Timberline report feb 29-30th
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January 30, 2005
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Just got back from timberline - left after lunch.

Lift lines were the longest I had seen all year-and the slopes were busy, but off the wall was still great. The difficulty off that slope, especially the entrance does an amazing job of keeping pickers out!!!

Still no terrain park though. What is going on? They opened the bear claw area on the ski report and it was good cover, but it was flat. BREAKING NEWS TIMBERLINE OPENED A TERRAIN PARK AREA - GUESS WHAT- IT'S FLAT, AND HAS NO FEATURES. I've never even seen a terrain park in the bear claw terrain park area. What a joke. False advertsing if you ask me.

However, I did see ski patrol flatten the only little jump, beside the water tank, that kids were actually jumping and having fung on. AND it was just a little bump, a pile of snow about a foot high. Give me a Break, those kids aren't hurting anybody. I say hit the pump house. If we keep hitting it, maybe they will build a terrain park. What a joke.

Timberline if your listening. Get with it. Open a terrain park!!! Open one now and next year open one as soon as the season starts. Get with it!!!!

Please someone second this. If those guys at timberline read this then maybe we can get them to do something.

I poached the parly glades and lower dew drop all yesterday. there is no reason those slopes should be closed. what is going on at t-line????
January 30, 2005
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I concur about the park. Drag the rails out... at least! Canaan has a rockin' park right now, I feel like eBaying my pass and spending that cash over at Canaan on tickets.

On the other hand, it's hard to poach Cherry Bowl when you have to hike up to it... and might I add if I cared about my board/skis I wouldn't go in there until another foot or so falls.
February 1, 2005
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was at tline yesterday (monday 1/31) and must agree about the closed trails, and lack of terrain park. the snow was great, the lift tix were cheap, and the lift line wasnt too bad, but what is up with all the closed trails? the very best conditions we found all day were in areas that appeared to be closed (glade runner?). why not open them up?

and why no terrain park? how hard is it to put up a few rails? there certainly didnt seem to be any shortage of snow. was a little frustrating driving out right past the big sign at canaan "TERRAIN PARK OPEN!" maybe the lack of a park is just part of that retro 70s vibes they seem to like there at tline.

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