More on Recent Land Purchases by Almost Heaven LLC
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johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
January 30, 2005
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My friend did some more research in Elkins last week:


I visited the Randolph County courthouse yesterday and looked up the two recent purchases by Almost Heaven Mtn Resort LLC. The 333-acre purchase from Jacqueline and Reginald Cooper was recorded on October 29, 2004. Apparently the 240 acres, composed of three parcels, that are listed in the Tax Assessor's office, have been resurveyed and determined to be 333 acres. The transaction (and correction in acreage) so far is only recorded in the County Clerk's office.

The 14.3 acre parcel purchased from Haymond LLC is on both sides of Bonner Mtn Road not far east of its intersection with State Rt. 32. It was recorded on January 3, 2005. It almost reaches Red Creek on the north. It is not contiguous with the large tracts that Dorles Teter mentioned on the south side of Bonner Mtn Road. But we can assume now that Bright would like to buy property along Bonner Mtn Road and on down to Red Creek.

Also, I attended the Adventure Travel Convention yesterday in DC and spoke at length with reps from the Glade Springs Booth--one of Bill Bright's other big real estate developments in WV. Both seemed to think that ALMOST HEAVEN is a go.
January 30, 2005
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Cooper Land Development is currently managing the expansion at Glade Springs. Glade Springs is basically "two" developments now -- cooper/ bright. The bright portion contains the Cobb Course -- Cooper is developing the stonehaven course and a 2nd course that is yet unnamed.
Roger Z
January 30, 2005
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I think someone mentioned this last year but just outside of the main lodge at Winterplace is a huge sign that says "ALMOST HEAVEN." Probably doesn't mean anything subtantive since that's the state motto and all, but it was interesting to see given all our interest in the future mountain.

Also, there's a bar up in the condos that sits at the top of one of the beginners lifts. The bar has a bunch of old signs, including "Cherry Bowl Glades." I got a bit weepy when I saw that old sign sittin' there, thinking back to pow days at T-line when the run OFFICIALLY existed... sigh...
January 30, 2005
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"Almost Heaven" is the name of the deck at Winterplace.

In times past there was a BBQ outside and that was the 4th on mountain restaurant. I have not seen it used since the 00/01 season.
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