Whitetail Report 1/29
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January 29, 2005
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I am normaly a huge whitetail fan but today was a little different. To start out the high speed lift kept breaking down constantly and this only worsened the massive crowds at the base. The base was constantly packed with people and the lift lines were anywhere fom 7-15 mins! Also, there were large icy paches on upper angle forming. I really hope they can fix the HS lift and get the mountain a little more groomed over before monday (i am going again!). However, i do have to say the terain park was not to bad and the jumps held up pretty well considering the constant use of them. Also, as a result of me skiiing with people who only like terrain parks i was not able to play with the moguls on exhibition or hit any of the frountside blues besides upper angle.

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