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January 26, 2005
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I tried out skiboards last weekend at whitetail and really enjoyed them. I am now looking to buy a pair, but don't really know what the good brand is or what length I need. I plan to use them mainly in the terrain parks, but would like them to also be good for overall skiing. Any recommendations or specs to look out for? I've been skiing for awhile, so I'd put my self as an intermediate on the skiboards after just 1 day using them. Thanks!
January 26, 2005
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You'll probably find more info here.

I would look for a pair with releaseable bindings.
January 26, 2005
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How about these ones. linky. I just find something questionable about this product.
January 26, 2005
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comprex is dead on. make sure you get releasable bindings!!!those things, the one's without releasable bindings, are notorious for knee injuries and spiral tib/fib fractures.
January 27, 2005
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tromano, I thought it was a great idea and I bought the Rossignol version, called the Free Venture. Link here

(No longer sold here, still available in Europe).

Took them up to above tree line at Pike's Peak, using a modified climbing/randonee boot. (Koflach Tour Extreme shown here) Unless there is icing, they are almost as fast as snowshoes on the way up, and much, much more fun on the way down. The short length makes getting skins on and off really easy, and the binding came with a sufficient climbing wire to cause no problems.

The Free venture binding was kind of chintzy, it looks as thought the Kong one might be a little sturdier, probably based on the Pika Sastrugi and similar approach-ski bindings. (Kong is a well known supplier of climbing gear and accessories).

Karhu is thumbs-up on the idea also (see their Meta and Sweeper, I think HTO carries these locally).
Haven't tried those yet.

I am really curious right now about the Hagan Freedom.

Can you say "Shenandoah fire road skiing"?

- iced-over surface is better with snowshoes
- find the dampest, floatiest ski you can get
- don't use your downhill boots or you'll be miserable.
- the bindings are non-release. You lose all the limb safety of the last 30 years of alpine binding development.
January 27, 2005
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>> welcomes you.
Our mission, simply, is to spread the word about this extraordinary snow sport. Ride skiboards and you'll experience the fastest learning curve on the slopes and outrageous fun from day one! Join us, free your spirit and experience your true snowriding potential.
- Doc Roberts, President

Orthopedic surgeon, perhaps?
January 30, 2005
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tromano, here is more info on PisteHors.
February 1, 2005
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"Ascent skis offer the advantage of more rapid movement than snowshoes, especially on relatively flat or gently sloped terrain or when following in the tracks of ski mountaineers, yet they are still short enough to be stowed easily on or in the pack during descents."

I think I better understand the application after reading that section. --Tim
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