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January 23, 2005
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I just got back from Timberline. Off the wall was great with some crazy, fun shapes, and yesterday lightning was all bumped up and was a lot of fun for catching a little air(I hope they leave it like that).

Unfortunately even with all this cold weather the past week, they still don't have much else open. The only new trails open are Off the wall and Lower Thunderstruck. It's kind of weird because everyone I talked to said they had been blowing all week. They still are just barely 50% open . And still no rails or jumps.

What is up with the Lower Dew Drop terrain park. They weren't blowing on it. Are they not going to put a terrain park up this year. I asked some folks who work at the mountain what was up. And it seems to be a mistery. The best answer I got was - "it's not a priority". Not a priority - are they crazy. They are the only mountain that I have been to this year that doesn't have any jumps and rails set up. I heard canaan even has there park open-but I didn't check it out.

Does anybody know what the deal is with the terrain park at Timberline. Did they sell there rails that they had last year? They have two designated parks on the trail map and ski report. One on lower dew drop and one on bear claw. I've been skiing at Timberline for three seasons now, and I've never even seen a terrain park set up on bear claw. WHAT'S UP???
January 23, 2005
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Eh... I've poked and prodded and prodded and poked... and it looks like Presidents weekend if AT ALL. Maybe they're going to do something with the lumps on Lower Dew Drop... but most likely just push them flat. And the rails... they're in that garage next to the bunny lift and mountain ops won't even drag them 50 feet up the hill and put them in the filled-in halfpipe. Lame.

If you want a park, don't spend your $$ at Timberline.

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