Driving to Snowshoe during bad weather
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January 21, 2005
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Has anyone driven the stretch of road from Cass to Snowshoe while it was snowing or after it snowed. Although its shorter to go that route from the DC area its definitely steeper and has more cork screw turns than coming up the front entrance, I was wondering how well they keep those roads clear and if its better to drive the extra miles and come up the front side during bad weather.
January 21, 2005
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I did it once shortly after they opened that road, at night, with four wheel drive. Not a lot of fun, watch out for deer. It had been plowed but there was still snow on the road and it was very narrow.
January 21, 2005
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I've been on the road 2 trips from Moorefield and one was snow covered. I have a Honda Civic with performance tires and I didn't have a problem. The drive up had a little slipping and sliding but I made it fine. The drive down I just downshifted and took it really easy and didn't have a bit of trouble. I've heard a lot of complaints about the new road but I don't think its really much worse than the front side road.
January 21, 2005
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Oh yeah! Many a time we did a white-knuckler .. then again we have 4wd which helps a lot. Best advice is to travel as much as possible during daylight and give yourself lots of extra time. Generally the plows are really good at keeping the roads from Cass and Slateyfork open. The problems are on the other mountain roads before you get to Snowshoe area. A good idea is to check out VWDOT http://www.wvdot.com/14_roadconditions/14_roadcond.cfm (scroll down for ski area conditions) and make your decisions accordingly.

Drive carefully and be safe!
January 21, 2005
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I've done it a few times, once at about 2am during near whitout conditions. I didn't enjoy it but just go slow and pay attention and you should be fine. Luckily last year I got in the day before the ice storm that cuased the resort to shut down operations for a day (downed trees everywhere). I talked to a few people that had tried to get up the road from Cass only to find it blocked w/ fallen trees.

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