Is there a mountainboard forum?
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October 25, 2002
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Sorry if this question shouldn't be here. I'm looking for people that know about mountain boarding.
October 26, 2002
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Squire, go to thats the main page for board riders on the east coast. They have a list of events there and links to other mountainboard pages. This weekend the Board Riders Association (B.R.A.) are having a big air competetion at their park in PA. Whitetail will be having a demo this Sunday and there should be some ramps and and rails set up, just bring your board helmet and pads. I'd be there but all my gear was stolen last week and I'm still really po'd. Check out those sites and you should be in good shape.
November 28, 2002
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There are several other good forums to discuss mountainboarding, one in particular is frequented by many DC area mountainboarders:^page^snowcrx.aspx

There's a mountainboard specific forum there although most ATber's just post in the snowboarding section. There's also some mountainboarding articles there, as well as lots of good photos (many from DC local riders). has a decent places to ride section with some local spots too.

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