Buying new skis -- wait for spring?
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January 16, 2005
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My wife has finally decided to commit to skiing, and wants to buy skis/boots/etc. (Up until now she's been renting, not wanting to buy equipment if she wasn't going to ski after this season)

Being relatively new to the mid-Atlantic, is it worth waiting until Spring/Summer for end of season deals, or can she pick up a bargain in January?

Also, does anyone have any recommendations for good skis? (115 lbs, 5'5", beginner) Also looking for a good bootfitter, as she's got hard feet to buy shoes for....

January 17, 2005
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If you think you're going to ski alot (10 days or so) this season, I would go ahead and get her boots. Brian Eardley at the Ski Center in DC has a great reputation for bootfitting.

I would wait until the summer sales for skis and you will typically find much cheaper prices. But while you're there, ask Brian about skis as he may have something in your price range. If she's a beginner, I would not get skis any higher than 150cm (maybe even smaller) and would not spend more than $300 (or so, I don't really know prices in the winter) for skis. She still needs something basic.

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