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January 15, 2005
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Finding a place to stay when my girl insists on bringing "her precious pudding pie" is a pun intended! We are thinking of bolting for the Mtn's any where between boone,nc & up thru WV. but have not been able to find any pet friendly accomodations.We know of the Kopper Kettle in Windham,NY..The Riverside Inn up in Stowe..& The Johnsons Motel in Twin Mtn in the middle of all the big Mtn's of NH.Also were surprised that the days Inn at Avon,Co(Vail-beavercreek)accepted pets...Sorry i do know of the Scottsman Inn in Boone,but what about Snowshoe or Cannan Vly?? Its just me,my girl & the pooch..we don't want a place thats going to cost us an arm & a leg...& a paw!
January 16, 2005
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Having never taken the pooch on a ski trip, I can not personally vouch for it but the Brightmorning Inn advertises Pets for an additional $10 and some of the timberline realty condos have pets allowed check out the and check pets on their online reservation link. At the beach, a promise to keep pup in a travel crate when not there has gotten me a rental, also some hotels will take you if you show the travel crate to the desk attendant. Hope this helps and good luck!
January 17, 2005
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You may also try Mountain Valley renatals (for Snowshoe) They have some pet friendly options.

Question for pet owners. What do you do with your pets while you are skiing? Do they run free in the unit, do you keep them in a cage? As a property owner at SS, I would consider catering to the pet owner market. There would need to be a damage deposit, etc.
January 17, 2005
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Andy: I have stayed at the Bright Morning Inn before - probably 6-7 years ago though. It was very nice, clean, friendly - with a great skiers breakfast I recall.

DWW: We eventually bought at Timberline - in part to solve the whole traveling with pets issue. I learned the true meaning of "flea bag" hotel staying at many pet-friendly places. Generally, when we travel with our Labs, we bring crates for them to stay in while we are out. I don't think a lot of people do the same though.
January 18, 2005
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If you are serious about catering to pet owners market. Set the damage deposit high - like $600, and reduce it to reasonable $150 more than your usual damage deposit if the owner crates the dog when not there. This means you cut out the -"I just can not leave fido behind or he will tear up the place he goes to" crowd. Most damage, in my experience (working on my 4th lab and 5th dog), happens in when I left the dog is alone, now I am a firm beleiver in crating when I am not home. Also you can do the same for an AKC Canine Good Citizen certified animal - that means the animal and the owner - more specifically would have a base of discipline and training and you can be reasonable assured the animal will be less likely to damage your place.

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