Major Avalanche at The Canyons, UT
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January 14, 2005
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After skiing with Dc Ski poster ridenski (Phil and Beth) yesterday today I was shocked by the huge avalanche in Dutch's Draw at The Canyons. Just off the 9990 lift, a 300 yard-wide slide occured at between 1-1:30 Pm today. It was pure suicide to ski it this week as avalanche danger was very high due to high winds and a multi-layer snowpack from nearly two weeks of storms. I even said to ridenski (Beth and Phil) yesterday that I saw lots of stress in the snow off of Square Top and many other East and south-east facing slopes. Dutch's Draw is sweet but please everybody skiing in The Canyons or UT in general please don;t duck any ropes and please stay in-bounds. There is no need to die , as possibly 4-10 people have today at Dutch's. And always wear a beeper.

Please be save, people ... I am!
January 15, 2005
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I found 3 stories online about this. It appears the slide was out of bounds as 2 stories confirm. However, when the Weather Channel first reported yesterday they did say inbounds.

ABC News
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