Avalanche @ Park City
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January 14, 2005
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LOS ANGELES (AFP) - A massive avalanche struck a ski area in the ritzy US resort of Park City, burying at least one person under a mountain of snow, police said.

AFP/File Photo

Unconfirmed media reports said that up to 15 people could have been trapped in the avalanche in the western state of Utah.

Emergency services were scrambling to rescue skiers who may have been engulfed by the 300-500 meter (yard) slide in the Canyon ski area on Friday afternoon, officials of the Summit County Sheriff's department said.

"There has just been an avalanche and there appears to be at least one person trapped," an official, who requested anonymity, told AFP.

The avalanche followed extremely heavy snowfalls across the area over the past 10 days.

Park City is a popular ski resort about 30 miles (50 kilometers) east of Salt Lake City where the world's premier independent movie showcase, the annual Sundance Film Festival (news - web sites), is due to begin in one week.

Scores of Hollywood celebrities attend the festival, organised by screen star Robert Redford, and ski on the resort's slopes.
January 14, 2005
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Not at Park City Mountain resort .. please read the next thread title Major Avalanche at The Canyons, UTbbb
January 14, 2005
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Park City was just the location... didn't mean the resort.
The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
January 14, 2005
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According to news reports the avalanch was in back country, and out-of-bounds. Here are the facts http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6827473/
The Colonel
January 15, 2005
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The avalanche was above Dutch's Draw. It slid down into the upper portions of Dutch's. Dutch's was unstable and very wind-pocked and packed for weeks. It's just like the idiots who ski Square Top.
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