Guns on at 7 Springs
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January 14, 2005
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7 Springs looks like either it got a dusting of fresh or the guns were on for a while. One webcam shows a gun running. I'm definitely checking them again later to see whats going on there, I'm going to look at the webcams tonight periodically to see who is making progress. Reports from Snowshoe say it's snowing above 3600'
January 14, 2005
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I just did a fast check of the weather at 7 springs and according to the wet bulb temps they are right on the edge of being able to make snow. (current time 1 pm) So if there not making snow yet in a few hours the guns should be going strong.

Just a quick update on other resorts I looked at earlier. No news on Laurel Mountain's reopening yet. Blue Knob says they will reopen on Sunday. And on a local note Tussey is closed today but they should reopen tomorrow. We had a big rain storm up here last night and took out the last few trails at Tussey.

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