Plenty of rain on the way...
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January 13, 2005
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Looks like 1/2 - 1" of rain expected tonight... what a great way to kick off snowmaking ops. At least the resorts will have plenty of water to work with.

Incase anyone didn't see this @ Snowshoe's website... :

The cold weather just can't get here quick enough.It now looks like it is going to be early Friday morning (6am - 8am) when the snowmakers will be firing the snowguns back up. Then things will be changing quickly with the planned aggressive snowmaking. The trail count for Friday and Saturday will be around 30 and that number will climb fast with over 40 trails expected for Sunday and even more for Monday. It is going to be a sight to see, that is watching the snowmakers make this place white again. I can't wait. JS


Not a very large trail count this weekend.

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