Wintergreen Resort---1/23
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January 10, 2005
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I have a trip planned to Wintergreen Resort, Virginia on January 23. It looks like the cold weather is going to return at the end of this week and I was wondering what you guys think the conditions are going to be like. Is there any chance that the Highlands with the black and double blakc runs are going to be open. Thanks alot and I hope the Highlands will be open.
January 11, 2005
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I think you will be on the edge -- they will probably have had a solid week of evening snowmaking, and possibly some days thrown in. Since some of the Highlands trails were previously open there might be existing base to work with.

They can make a lot of snow fast at Wintergreen, weather permitting. So I would not be surprised if they get back into decent shape by the 23rd. I sure hope so -- I want to get a season pass this year! I try to head up there at least once a week, mid-week, during Jan-March but it's been a washout so far.


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