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January 9, 2005
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I'm heading to Madrid later this month. I understand there is a resort less than an hour away. I'll be working, but may have part of a day to slip away. Anyone know anything about the area and/or the skiing? Also, I doubt I will take my own skis, but am debating taking my boots and Helment. Any suggestions, particularly since I will only have a day at most for skiing.
January 9, 2005
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Skiing in Spain

Will this help?

Also to add: You may be particularly interested in the areas in the "Central Range" that are listed at the bottom of that page.

For example, that Valdesqui area is only about 78 km from Madrid (which is only about 50 miles). A day lift-ticket there is around 31 eruos

When you get back, would be interesting to see your impressions on skiing out there.

Also to add: I also notice you are also in Fredericksburg! Are you, by chance, a member of the Fredericksburg Ski Club?
January 10, 2005
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Thanks. That was the resort I found as well. I am not part of the Frederiskburg ski club, but may be interested. However, I work up in Falls Church and find it diofficult to participate in afternoon/early evening weekday activities.

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