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January 6, 2005
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I was looking through the equipment threads and didn't see any recent suggestions on ski helmets. I would appreciate any suggestions as far as helmets or goggles that anyone has. Any general "things to look for" would be good too. I'm not looking at racing, just something that a borderline intermediate/advanced skier could use to protect his melon, especially when trying to get a little better and trying a harder slope where the trees are a little closer than I'm comfortable with, or that mogul field that I have never learned to properly ski but am determined to figure out....someday.

I have seen some suggestions for goggles. It seems that some are better in different conditions. If I'm buying a new set for now, I figure that the most likely use for them would be low light/night conditions secondary would be a windy, sunny, cold day. Thanks.
January 7, 2005
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As I understand it the most important factor for helmates is the fit. Just go to ski shop and try a few on till you find one that fits. Also weight is a scondary consideration. You don't want to be carying arround a something heavy and tiring your neck.

I know alot of helms have supposed features like tons of venting, special addons, radios, cel phones, etc... Those are mostly junk IMO, its hard enough to hear as it is witha helmate on with out earphones, radio etc... As for venting: I have a helmate with very little ventilation. I have used is so far this season on very warm days (up to 45F) and on very cold days down to 13F. I have always been totlaly comfortable with the helm. I sweat a lot in general; however I never once remeber sweating much in this one, even when I am really working hard. Linkage for a pic of what I am talking about.

Helms can be expensive, and since it is a safty item I don't think that anyone should have to choose between safty and buying their next lift pass. Some of the more expensive hems go for $120+ retial. If you want to be a cheap skate / don't have much money you can get much better prices on ebay. Like 50% off on the more expensive helms. But if you do go to a store and try on helms you might want to consider buying from them as an ethical matter; inventory isn't free.

As for goggles, yellow lenses are for stormy days, flat light, or low light conditions. Rose, amber, persimon are good for general purpose. Get a flash coating for bright days. I think basicly two pairs of goggles one yellow and one amber flash lense is all anyone really needs. Maybe clear if you do night skiing. Just go for whatever fits. Make sure you try the helm and goggles on togheter to make sure they fit comfortably and don't let air blow into the corner of your eye. I usually get cheaper goggles (arrond $40) all my goggles have lasted 3+ seasons and I have never had any problems with fogging, even at liberty this week in the clouds and 45F rain storm. As for brands, I have one Smith and one Zeal pair.
January 7, 2005
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I actualy have a Pro Tec skate helmet that I sometimes use in the park. It's not insulated but I don't really get cold anyway. Pro Tec are a leading manufacturer so you can count on their product and they are usually a little cheaper than Boeri, Leedom etc. If you look around you can actually pick up Leedom helmets at Marshalls or TJ Maxx for less than what they charge at REI et al. Goggles wise I still have the same set of Oakley M Frame goggles that I had when I started snowboarding 6 years ago and I still haven't found anything that matches it for fit, comfort and visibility. The orange hue fades out really quickly giving good definition. I recently picked up tinted Arnette goggles but haven't had time to try them.

I agree with Tromano on helmets. Go for something basic and solid with few gimmicks. At the end of the day it's supposed to protect your noggin not pipe music to you and vent your head while you're crashing. With goggles I have to say spend a little more. Get something that protects your eyes from UV etc. I once read that a bad pair of sunglasses does more damage than no sunglasses at all I kind of apply the same to goggles and having spent a lot on laser surgery I want to protect them.
January 9, 2005
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I been using a Giro 9 with a visor this year and it very comfortable and above iall it very very light. weighs around 1 pound has removeable earflap and insulation.

Overall a great helmet, as for goggle if you go to search vision quest they have the best lowlight and highlight goggle choices.
January 11, 2005
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Packyderm1 said: "Any general things to look for...."

Helmets fall into two basic categories.

One is those that are designed to take one impact and then be discarded. Included are motorcycle helmets, most bicycle helmets, and quite a few helmets intended for skateboarding, snowboarding, and skiing. These have an inner liner made of expanded polystyrene, often known by the trade name Styrofoam. This is the same stuff used for picnic coolers. The liner compresses or cracks upon impact and is not to be used again.

The second category of helmets is those designed for multiple impacts. Examples are football, lacrosse, and hockey helmets. The inner lining is made of what I believe is called closed cell foam. Football helmets also have air bladders that can be filled to provide an even better fit.

Tromano provided a link to Pro-tec. According to the manufacturer, this helmet is designed for multiple impacts, even though it has an expanded polystyrene liner, assuming I'm deciphering the acronym EPS correctly. If you've ever seen skateboarders fall repeatedly while attempting tricks, you'll know why multiple impact helmets are a good idea.

Shells of both kinds of helmets are made of ABS, polycarbonate, or other similar materials. I think Lexan is a GE trademarked name for polycarbonate.

If the shell of any helmet is cracked upon impact, consider it money well spent as you retire it. That could have been your head.

There's no official helmet of snowboarding, so if you want to wear a football helmet or a lacrosse helmet, who's going to stop you? Certainly not me; I wear an old dirt bike helmet.

Kennedy said: "If you look around you can actually pick up Leedom helmets at Marshalls or TJ Maxx."

Thanks for the tip. Ross Dress for Less might be another source. I've bought googles there, as well as pads for inline skating.

Tromano also said: "As I understand it the most important factor for helmets is the fit."

A helmet should be snug. If it rattles around on your head in that fashionable, baggy gangsta fashion, it won't be much good. Finally, no helmet will be of much use if you don't tighten the chin strap.
January 13, 2005
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Agree with the rest... Fit is First. But, I feel that well-vented is absolutely the 2nd thing to look for. Skiing in this area, I went with the Giro 9. It fit my melon best, and (at that time) had the most venting available. The removeable ear-flaps are awsome on days >45 degrees. But, it also closes up real well. Used it in Calgary when it was -10. I've abused it quite a bit (no serious blows that I know of though...) over the past 4 years. I believe it's time for a new one now. Giro will almost certainly be my next one.
January 24, 2005
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I had said: "There's no official helmet of snowboarding, so if you want to wear a football helmet or a lacrosse helmet, who's going to stop you?"

Yeah, but....

Rules: Helmets* will be required - no exceptions!! No sharing, no baseball helmets, no funny business.

*Helmets must be designed for on-snow use.

No sharing? Why not?
January 24, 2005
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No sharing because that is nasty. Rental helmets are probably the most disgusting thing I can think of other than maybe rental underwear or something
January 24, 2005
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Sheesh, what are you doing in those things? The helmets, I mean. On second thought, don't tell me.
January 25, 2005
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Ever hear of head lice, ringworm? Both can be gotten from wearing someone elses helmet or a rental helmet. I'm sure that any place that rents helmets is required to "sanitize" them after use, but. . . . . .
January 25, 2005
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Oh, that's it. Hadn't considered that. I will keep using my own equipment. Thanks.

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