Trip Report: Seven Springs (long post)
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December 29, 2004
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Warning - this a long one!

Since I was in Uniontown, PA to visit family in the area, I figure I'd hit one of the areas. After checking the conditions through the Resort Profile here on DCSki, I'vd decided on Seven Springs, as they seem to have more terrain with better conditions opened. It has been nearly 14 years since I've skiied Seven Springs (back when I was still living in Uniontown for those brief two months during that one winter in 1990, between semeters of college - parents ended up moving to Columbus, OH that Christmas)

I left my brother's apartment around noon or so. It only takes about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes to get to Seven Springs from Uniontown. I pulled into the parking lot right around 1:40 or so (got lucky and found a space near the entrance to the main lodge, although had I'd known, I could've parked in front of the ski patrol building - will remember that next time).

I proceeded to look for the ski patrol and was told that I could take one of the shuttles there. One thing I immediatly noticed was how courteous and friendly the staff was there. A quick shuttle ride got me to the ski patrol, where I introduced myself. A great-big, huge thanks to the awesome people on the Seven Springs Ski Patrol! The hospitality they extended me was just truly phenomenal! Everything from comping me a lift-ticket all the way to granting me access and use of thier locker-room and lounge/break-room facilities. I wish I could remember all of the names of the ones I got to talk with, although I do remember chatting up quite a bit to one Vlad.

After that, I proceeded to get ready and finally got out the door. The fist thing I went for was Avalanche, as the lift and slope was right there outside the ski patrol building. A fun black-dimaond with some nice steep head-walls. The left side was getting all scraped up, mostly due to snowboarders riding thier heel-edge down the headwall. The right side was awesome, and those Supersport 5-stars held beautifully on the icier parts.

After taking a few runs on there, I went and explored other parts of the mountaiin. Overall, the conditions were really quite good, although there was some thin-cover to watch out for. From what I was told, they had every run, execpt two over on the north face opened (Gunner Chair-Line slope was not opened, for example). Those glades there off the Tyrol lift looked kinda thin, though. I did not attempt them, as I did not want to take my still brand-new skis through there. I did take a quick run through the bumps that were there, and again, those 5 stars performed nicely. I had not problem getting them through the bumps, despite being a longish 182cm lenghth.

Also, the crowds were very light, most of the lifts were ski-on! the only wait was to ride the big "six-pack" high-speed lift up, and that was only a couple of minutes or so wait. One gripe about the lifts, though. They really need to add another high-speed lift over there off the North Face. That Gunner Lift, for example, is so friggan slow. They could easily replace one of those lifts over there with a high-speed lift.

I soon found myself over on the North Slope. Gunner was just friggan awesome! I can see why many of the locals (including many of the members of the ski patrol) say it is probably the best slope on the mountain.

I also took several runs down Giant Steps and North Face Slope, both of which also had very good pack-powder conditions.

After spending a few hours over on the North Face, I worked my way back towards the ski patrol, exploring some of the blue cruisers, such as the one that follows the Blitzen lift. I eventually got back over to the Avalanche lift and made a few more runs down Avalanche as well as Goosebumps. Now, that was a fun little slope, although it is not quite as "bumped up" as I am told it could be. I finally went back in to get a rest and to warm up some, as well as enjoy a cup or two of hot-chocolate. Also had to check the progress of the Steelers-Ravens game, on the TV in the ski patrol lounge (Go Steelers!)

After that, went back out and again, skied Avalanche a couple more times as well as revisit the north face (although Gunner was no longer opened, since they don't have night skiing there). Also, about this time, it started to snow to beat hell! Made few more runs, and went in to grab something to eat. The roast-beef sandwhiches they had down there lower level of the lodge, near that "Emo's Pit" were quite good, although somewhat pricy at $8 (Sandwhich, Drink, and bag of potato chips).

After dinner, skied some more (and that snow had no signs of letting up). After snowing for a little while, the conditions were really getting good! Skied the hell out of Giant Steps as well as Avalanche and Goosebumps. Finally had to pack it in around 8 or so. I wanted to stick around till closing, but I needed to get going, as I had a 5 hour drive back to Fredericksburg ahead of me. Also that snow, as awesome as it made the skiing, but it sure sucked having to drive in it. It was pretty dicey going all the way down 381 to 40 to I-68. Finally drove out of it right at Cumberland, MD. Finaly got back to Fredericksburg, VA at around 1 AM.

Overall, I had an awesome time at Seven Springs, and again, I cannot thank the ski patrol there enough for thier awesome hospitality. I hope to make it back there again later this season, although I don't know how it'll work out. It is pretty far for me to go just for a day of skiing.
December 29, 2004
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Thanks for your post SkiBum. 7Springs along with Snowshoe are my favorite two resorts and they are 6hrs travel (one way) for me. Plan on being up at the springs for the first time this year 2-5 Jan and hope the conditions have not deteriorated much due to this warm front.

Anyway nice post.

P.S. Also sking new 5*'s this season and absolutely love 'em. For once the hype was accurate IMO.
December 29, 2004
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I agree SBMSP...Gunnar and the 2 trails in that corner of the mountain (Turtleneck, Lost Girl and let us not forget the various glades..) are often underrated. The slow Triple is unbearable (and the only way out) and can be very crowded. A high speed lift was in the long range plan for the North Face but I suspect that when it is put in, it will replace the main fixed quad on North Face. Anyone have any info or speculation on this?
December 29, 2004
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Will agree with you about 7 Springs, you can keep Snowshoe........

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