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December 17, 2004
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I've seen some outdated stuff on routes to Snowshoe.

Anyone have any updated routes to get there the fastest from DC. I will be heading out Sunday.

December 17, 2004
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Well isn't this just the question of the week eh? I've been to snowshoe about 4 times, and seem to have gone a different route each time.

Last time I came up from Baltimore area, and went up on the road that runs by the Greenbank observatory visitor center, but I definitely came up on the "frontside" of the mountain, and not the backside like the website directions say.

I'm heading up again for XMAS, can somebody help an old timer out? Thanks in advance.
December 17, 2004
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I've been to Snowshoe MANY times (including going up in the fall for the Blues, Brews, and Barbeques party). Since they opened up Snowshoe Drive off of WV 66, I've been coming 66W, 81S, 33W, 28S (goes through GreenBank and the observatory), 66W (WV 66, not VA 66) through Cass and about 3+ miles after passing through Cass, turn right onto Snowshoe Drive. Follow on up to Top of The World to check-in. It has taken me about 4 hours taking this route from Centreville, VA although I've not encountered any signigicant snow while using this route.

December 17, 2004
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Go to the DC Ski homepage and click on Q&A, then look for the section on driving directions to Snowshoe. The discussion threads that are referenced there should provide you with the information you need. This has been a much-discussed topic on this website.

December 17, 2004
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Probably the flatest route and safest route to snowshoe during bad weather would be 66 W to 81 S to 55 W to 28 S to 66 W. First entrance to snowshoe off of 66 will take you up the back side and bring you to Top of the World check in. If you drive by the first entrance it will loop you around to the front of the mountain and you can go up the main entrance.

If the weather is not so bad and you don't mind driving corkscrew moutain roads, I have made pretty good time by taking 66 W to 81 S to 33 W to 28 S to 66 W. I would not recommend this route if there is snow in the forcast because you will go over 3000 ft in some areas and poor weather conditions could make for difficult driving conditions.

The route on snowshoes website is a nice drive and takes about the same time as the first route above. Again the only issue I would have is 33 goes over 3000 ft and could be a little hairy if there is snow. If you do go this route and want to break up your trip, there is a place in Franklin, WV called the Star Hotel that has great sandwiches.
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December 17, 2004
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December 17, 2004
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I concur, this is the fastest route with minimal snow "adventure" possibilities.
I-66 to I-81
I-81 until the Strasburg exit (only 3 miles) to Hwy 55 West
Hwy 55 West (through Wardensville) to Morefield, left at Hwy 28
Hwy 28 all the way down to 1 mile past Greenbank (Local Hwy 66)
66 through Cass and the back way to Snowshoe
The back route to Snowshoe (66) is narrow and curvey and I have gotton stuck on ice on one of the inclines on the actual Snowshoe back entrance road. So, let the driver beware and take note of the weather.
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