Wisp trail expansion
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December 17, 2004
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Anyone notice the new trail map on the Wisp website? They show 4-5 more trails to the west for '05-'06 and a mountaintop village. Sounds like it could be pretty neat. I remember hearing news of a whitewater rafting simulator up there and a golf course on top too.
December 17, 2004
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The nice thing it also says is that it's phase 1 of 4.

Scott, do you have any news of the expansion plans?
December 17, 2004
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Here's the plan..... It's on the North side also...

Still, you can't create vertical!!!!!!
December 17, 2004
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There actually seems to be a bit of unclaimed vertical back on the Southwest side of the marsh hill. Look at the topo map: Teraserver

depending on how much room the village takes up and how far back they build the slopes. There is a potential for a 800'-900' vertical drop on the back side as a maximum.

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